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We’re getting ready for spring and planning our upcoming holiday program!

The program involves 1 x 30min lesson per day for a period of a week. It’s a fantastic way to improve water confidence, develop better stroke, or get over any hurdles that may be stopping them from progressing in their swimming level. It’s also social and fun!

We have both private and group lessons available, with a maximum of 3 per group.
Semi private classes are also available if you have 2 children wanting to share the lesson.

Please see below for details –


Week 1: Tuesday 2nd – Friday 5th October, 2018

Week 2: Monday 8th – Friday 12th October, 2018



Week 1

Group class –1 to 3/$100 per child

Private – $280 per child (Semi private – $140 per child)

Week 2

Group class –1 to 3/$125 per child

Private – $350 per child (Semi private – $175 per child)