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Wairoa School Pool

The Wairoa School pool is a private pool located in North Bondi. It is a small pool that is well heated to 32 degrees C. This makes it a great pool for learning how to swim all year round!


Classes are paid for in advance by the term. A term is usually between 9 -11 weeks depending on whether your lesson is on a weekday or on the weekend. Please note that your spot will not be confirmed until payment of fees is received.

Individual class rates are as follows:

Group lessons  – $23 per class.
Private lessons – $70 per class.

All classes are 30 minutes in duration.

Booking process

Please complete the booking form located on our website – click on “Book Here”
Once a booking form is received we will contact you to discuss a lesson time based on your child’s level and availability. If there is no availability you will be added to our wait list.

When an agreed time is reached, your booking form is used to set you up with an account and enrol your child. You will then be emailed instructions on how to make payment from our website. Please note that your spot is not secured until payment is received.

Hours of operation:

Sunday: 8am – 1pm
Monday: 3.30pm – 7pm
Wednesday: 3.30pm – 5.30pm

We operate throughout school term. The pool is closed during school holidays and public holiday weekends.

Make up policy

Each student is entitled to a maximum of one make up lessons per term. To be eligible for a make up lesson we require at least 12 hours notice via SMS to 0411 278 724. Make up lessons will be granted based on availability.  Please also note that make ups cannot be carried over into a new term.


The pool is located within the Wairoa School, North Bondi

Please enter through the side gate on Hasting Parade.

Types of swim classes

Learn to swim

The AquaBuddies Learn To Swim program focuses on developing the foundations for a correct swimming technique. Our experienced staff will help children develop swimming skills at their own pace. They are flexible with lesson plans and tailor activities to meet each child’s individual needs. They also show children their boundaries as they learn about the importance of water safety.

AquaBuddies instructors are provided with continuous training and development to ensure our service is of the highest standard. They’re also friendly, approachable and love working with children!

Learn To Swim caters for preschool through to school aged children. The program covers 6 main levels.

1. Turtle

Turtles are usually at preschool age. They are normally at a level where they feel happy and confident in the water without a parent or carer. They are also at a level where they can follow basic instructions from the teacher.

Classes are 30min long with no more than 3 Turtles per group.

Here are some of the skills we aim to develop in these classes

  • Submerging themselves under water happily and begin reaching for objects.
  • Kicking and paddling with a noodle or kickboard
  • Front and back floating with a board
  • Jumping to an adult and turning back to the side of the pool
  • Mastering strength to climb out of the pool
  • Introduction to lifting head to breathe and assisted swim, lift and breathe
  • Reinforce water safety skills and boundaries

2. Goldfish

Goldfish are usually advanced preschool aged children or early primary school age. At this stage Instructors build upon the skills learnt as a Turtle, as they continue to gain strength and start to show more coordination.

Classes are 30min long with no more than 3 Goldfish per group.

3. Platypus

At this level Instructors begin to teach basic freestyle & backstroke technique. As children gain more coordination – practice makes perfect!

Classes are 30min long with no more than 3 Platypus per group.

Here are some of the skills we aim to develop in these classes:

  • Basic freestyle arms with side breathing
  • Kicking on front and back with kick board unassisted
  • Assisted backstroke arms
  • Seated dives – understanding the risks associated with diving into water.
  • Retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool at the shallow end
  • Reinforcement of water safety.

4. Frogs

Frogs are typically primary school aged children that have learnt the basics of freestyle & backstroke. We refine these skills and also introduce the new challenge of breaststroke kick.

Classes are 30min long with no more than 3 Frogs per group.

Here are some of the skills we aim to develop in these classes:

  • Swimming basic freestyle correctly for approx 10m
  • Swimming basic backstroke correctly for approx 5m
  • Introduction to bilateral freestyle breathing
  • Introduction to breaststroke kick
  • Attempting to retrieve object from the deep end of the pool
  • Performing a basic standing dive

5. Seal

Seals are typically stronger than frogs and have begun to develop coordination in their breaststroke kick. At this level instructors introduce the other components associated with swimming breaststroke.

Classes are 30min long with no more than 3 Seals per group.

Here are some of the skills we aim to develop in these classes:

  • Swimming 15m of freestyle using correct bilateral breathing
  • Swimming 15m using correct backstroke technique
  • Developing breaststroke kick coordination
  • Introduction to breaststroke arm movement
  • Introduction to breaststroke-timing sequence using drills.
  • Performing a basic dive followed by swimming

6. Swordfish

Swordfish are able to swim 25m of freestyle and backstroke using correct technique. Through practice they also continue to develop their breaststroke.  At this level instructors also introduce basic butterfly kick and arms.

  • Swimming 25m of freestyle using correct bilateral breathing
  • Swimming 25m using correct backstroke technique.
  • Swimming 15m of basic Breaststroke
  • Performing basic butterfly kick
  • Introduction basic butterfly stroke.
  • Completing a race dive, followed by 25m of freestyle
  • Attempting a backstroke race start
  • Attempting a forward somersault in water

Private lessons

Private lessons are available at the Wairoa School on request. Please contact us to enquire about availability.