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We will be back!

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In light of yesterday’s PM address we will be suspending swimming lessons until further notice. This decision has been extremely difficult, as the wellbeing of all our AquaBuddies families and staff is our number one priority.

I have been closely following our national swimming associations and relevant Government departments on a daily basis and trying to implement the advice and measures that have been issued, at an incredibly challenging and ever-changing pace.

Effective today Monday 23rd March, I will be suspending all swimming lessons and providing make up lessons that can be taken when we resume operations.

If you have prepaid for term 2, as previously stated, this will remain as a credit on your account for when we resume operations.

I want to thank you all personally for your ongoing support and understanding during this challenging time.

Please if you have any questions or concerns get in touch via email

I will keep you posted over the next few weeks as I remain optimistic that we will resume classes once this passes. We will come back from this!

Please, everyone, stay safe and healthy,

Best wishes,

Bianca Ion, Director