Water Familiarisation

Pink Duckling 6-12months 
only available at our Coogee location

This is an exciting time for parents & babies as many are having their first swimming experience in a pool together. 

What we aim for:

  • Understanding safe entry & exits from the water

  • Introductory to floating front & back

  • Fun games and activities that promote paddling & kicking

  • Understanding water safety and finding the side of the pool

  • Conditioning breath control at own pace

  • Move towards submersions when ready

Yellow Duckling 12-18months 
only available at our Coogee location

Babies at this stage begin to show more voluntary movements in the water as well as more social interaction with peers.


What our classes include:

  • Introduction to paddling with a noodle

  • Games and activities that build on paddling & kicking skills

  • Free-floating on front

  • Building confidence in back floating

  • Increasing length of submersions between the instructor and carer.

  • Reinforcing water safety including

Brown Duckling 18-24months
only available at our Coogee location

At this stage, babies are turning into social little toddlers. Parents are still guiding their toddlers through the class however we begin to encourage spending more time doing an activity with the instructor as they transition into toddler classes without a parent in the water.


What our classes include:

  • Building confidence and strength in paddling with the noodle

  • Continue building on free-floating and back floating 

  • Strong focus on water safety - building strength to be able to climb out of the pool unassisted

  • Increasing submersions and free swimming to the wall for small distances.

Toddler Transition 2-4years
only available at our Coogee location

This program is specifically designed for toddlers that are not ready to swim without a parent. They have either not had lessons before or are anxious in the water and need a bit more support before transitioning into a class without a parent. This is a very normal situation for many toddlers and we value the importance of patience and kindness at this stage. The class aims to build water confidence and encourage more and more independence before transitioning into a Crab class.