Swimming Levels




Water Familiarisation


Our Crab level is for complete beginners that are typically 3 years of age and toilet trained. This level focuses on water confidence and safety.


It is a great introduction to our swim school regardless of whether your child has never had a swimming lesson or is transitioning from a parent/baby program.


We understand that a child’s first swimming lesson can sometimes be a nervous time for both parent and child, which is why pride ourselves in creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Turtles are usually at preschool age. They are at a level where feel happy and confident in the water.


They have developed breath control and can float with a board. They are now beginning to swim short distances independently.


At this level we progress the skills that were learnt in Crab, therefore they must be able to follow basic instructions from the teacher.

Learn to swim


Goldfish are usually advanced preschool aged children or early primary school age. At this stage Instructors build upon the skills learnt as a Turtle, as they continue to gain strength and start to show more strength and coordination.

The focus is on developing propulsive movements whilst maintaining good body position.


At this level Instructors begin to teach basic freestyle and backstroke technique.
This includes an introduction to breathing to the side.


We also begin to explore swimming towards the deep end of the pool and developing more confidence.


At Platypus level we continue to develop freestyle technique and backstroke.

We begin breathing to both sides and swimming without a kick board.

Stroke development


Frogs are typically primary school aged children who have learnt the basics of freestyle and backstroke.


We refine these skills and also introduce the new challenge of breaststroke.



Dolphins are typically stronger than frogs and have a good breaststroke kick. 


At this level instructors help swimmers develop their breaststroke timing and introduce butterfly kick.




At this level we have continue with stroke development and also increase the distances swum. This class is for children that want to continue swimming all year round, but not competitively.


Please note our pool is 15m long, therefore it is not suitable for children that want to begin competitive swimming.



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