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How long will it take before my child can swim by themselves?

There are many factors that contribute to a child’s readiness to swim by themselves. Like all developmental milestones it is hard to predict exactly when a child will be able to do it by itself.

Many factors play a part including past experiences in the water, their maturity and age.

Children who have had a lot of playtime in the water are generally more relaxed in an aquatic environment compared with those who have had little or no exposure.

The most important thing to remember is that constant adult supervision is vital even if your child begins swimming and demonstrates that they understand water safety skills.

How much do lessons cost?

The cost of a group class is $23. Payment for a term is taken in advance to secure your child’s spot in our swim school. A term is usually 10 weeks long, so the cost is roughly $230 per term.

A private class is $70 for 30mins

What is the duration of the class?

All classes from CRAB through to DOLPHIN level are 30mins in duration.

SwimFIT classes are 45min (Term 1, 2 & 4 only)  SwimFIT classes comprise of 15min dry land activity, followed by 30mins in the water. In term 3 we do not offer the dry land component .

How many children can take part in a lesson?

Class size can vary from 1 child to a maximum of 3 children in a group lesson.

Private and semi-private classes can be organised depending on availability.
For semi-private classes the customer is required organised the 2 children that would share the lesson.

Please get in touch via email to check availability for our upcoming term or holiday intensive program.

What ages do you teach?

We teach children beginning from 3 years of age to roughly 10 years. Children must be toilet trained to enter the water due requirements of the school.

What do I do if my children are sick?

Please respect our precautionary health rules and refrain from lessons if your child is suffering from the following:
a. any contagious disease
b. Flu, fever, head cold, infected runny nose, sore throat, cold sores and open wounds
c. Vomiting, diarrhoea, symptoms of gastroenteritis, ringworm or head lice.

You can notify us of your child’s absence via the customer portal or via email.

What qualifications do the instructors have?

AquaBuddies instructors are qualified by Austswim or Swim Australia. In addition they also have a current CPR qualification.

Does AquaBuddies have insurance?

Yes, AquaBuddies has a $22 million Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance policy. In addition all our instructors have their own personal insurance cover.

Are Lessons available during winter?

Lessons are available throughout the year.  The pool is indoor and heated to 32degrees all year round.