Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

​1. Enrolments

  1. By completing an enrolment, the parent/guardian acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace the Policies by posting the updated terms on our website site, and customer portal. If you have any questions about the Policies, please contact us directly.

  2. Weekly term class run in line with the NSW School Term for roughly a  9-11 week period. Please check our website for dates of our next new enrolment period.

  3. Holiday Intensive programs run during the NSW school holiday periods and involve a block of consecutive lessons. This involves the same scheduled lesson time for a period of 5 or 4 days, if there is a public holiday during the week. Please check our website for dates of our holiday intensive program.

  4. All new customers must create an account via the CUSTOMER PORTAL on our website before being booked into a swimming class.

  5. Swimmers are grouped according to swimming skills. If your child is over 3 years of age you will be required to come in for a free assessment so that we can place them into the correct level.

  6. Once the swimmer’s level of skill and a swimming time has been agreed upon, we require full payment for the term within 2 days of this confirmation. The swimming spot is only secured once payment is received. If payment is not received within this 2 day period, we exercise the right to offer the spot to another swimmer.

  7. Mid-term enrolments are welcome and are subject to availability. Fees are charged at pro rata based on the number of weeks remaining for the term.

  8. As part of all new enrolments it is the customer’s full responsibility to disclose any special needs, learning difficulties, physical constraints or other special requirements that relate to the swimmer and that has the potential to affect their involvement in their swim class.

  9. We use a rolling enrolment system which means that current term enrolments are automatically rolled over to the next term at the start of week 6 of each term. Existing customers are given a 2 week re-enrolment period to make payment for the spot that they currently have. The spot is only secured once payment is received.

  10. Current customers can withdraw or request a change of time & day during the two week re-enrolment period. If you have requested a change you still have the option to pay for your current swimming spot to guarantee a class time. If we do not receive payment before the re-enrolment deadline then the student’s current spot is forfeited. We also cannot guarantee that the change of time & day that has been requested will be available.

  11. Following the re-enrolment period there is a 1 week period of changes & new sibling enrolments. During this time families are contacted via email with the times available. Once a new time is agreed upon the family has a 2 day period to make payment to secure the spot. If payment is not received within this 2 day period, we exercise the right to offer the spot to another swimmer.

  12. Following the 1 week period of changes we will open enrolments to new swimmers. All new families that have created a customer portal account will be notified via email when we begin new enrolments and will be invited to submit their request to join our swim program.

  13. Lessons are not conducted on Public Holidays and do not form part of your account.

  14. Partial term enrolments or fortnightly enrolments are not accepted.

  15. Swimmers are not allowed to participate in a swim class if payment has not been received.

  16. Sibling discounts are available to families with 3 or more children enrolled in weekly term swimming. There is a 10% discount on the 3rd child and each child thereafter. Sibling discounts are not available during holiday intensive programs.

  17. Multiple lesson discounts are available to children attending more than one lesson per week. There is a 10% discount on the second lesson and each lesson thereafter.

  18. Please note these conditions are subject to change and must be read prior to the start of each term by new and re-enrolling families.

2. Make Up policy

  1. Absences and bookings of make-up lessons must be done via the customer portal, accessible by entering https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/aquabuddies/dashboard in a browser or via aquabuddies.com.au

  2. AquaBuddies Swim School cannot accept notification of absences and/or booking make-up lessons via phone, text, email or verbally to pool staff.

  3. To be eligible for a make up lesson your absence must be recorded via the customer portal with a minimum of 12 hours notice. Make up lessons will not be granted if notice is not given.

  4. Each child is allowed a maximum of one make up lessons per term as long as notice is given as stated above.

  5. Make up lessons are subject to availability and the same instructor cannot be guaranteed.

  6. Make up lessons cannot be carried over into the next term and cannot be used during holiday intensive periods.

  7. If you are unable to attend the scheduled make-up lesson, it will be forfeited.

  8. There will be no refund or credit given for missed or unused make-up lessons as make up lessons are not guaranteed.

  9. Make up lessons must be taken at the child’s level.

  10. Make up classes owing cannot be transferred to a sibling.

  11. We do not grant make-ups for non-attendance during the last week of term.

  12. We do not grant credits or reduce your term fees if you are away for 2 or less than 2 consecutive lessons due to holidays/injury/illness and are unable to schedule the make up lessons due to personal reasons.

  13. In the event of an injury/illness, where 3 or more consecutive classes are missed, AquaBuddies will issue a credit on your account for future lessons after receiving medical certificate for that period.

  14. It is a parent/guardian’s responsibility to book makeup lessons. It is not AquaBuddies responsibility to chase up makeup lessons.

3. Cancellations

  1. If you wish to withdraw from the program before the term commences, we require 2 weeks notice in order to receive a full refund. Cancellations that occur without 2 weeks notice, will accrue a $50 administration fee per child.

  2. Cancellations that occur after the commencement of term will be held as a credit to go towards future lessons. We do not refund classes for cancellations during term.

  3. All credits will be held in the system for up to 2 terms or 6 months. After that time all credits will be automatically forfeited.

  4. Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis limited to certain medical reasons and based on medical certificates.

  5. If you withdraw from the program your spot is forfeited and it becomes available to other swimmers. If you wish to return to our program you will be able to ascertain availability when we commence the next new enrolment period. Classes are subject to availability.

  6. We do not provide refunds for unused make ups or missed classes.

  7. In the event of temporary closure due to COVID19 and government-imposed Public Health orders, class fees will be held as a credit on your account. This can be used towards lessons when we are allowed to re-open. We do not provide refunds for classes in this circumstance.


4. Class changes

  1. In the event that AquaBuddies Swim School must cancel a class, you will receive a text message. A credit for the lesson will automatically be placed on your account.

  2. We reserve the right to change class levels, times and instructors if the need arises.

  3. AquaBuddies Swim School cannot guarantee instructor continuation across more than one term, and we reserve the right to change an instructor mid-term should the need arise.

  4. Every student will receive progress reports that can be viewed in the customer portal. For additional feedback please email info@aquabuddies.com.au.

  5. When a student is ready to progress to a different level, there may be the need to change times/days to the new level. In the event that ALL students in the class are ready to move up then there may not be the need to change times/days.

  6. If a student is ready to change levels mid-term, they can do so subject to availability. If there is no availability mid-term the student will remain in their current class/level. A new time/day can be discussed when the next re-enrolment and change period occurs.

  7. AquaBuddies Swim School reserves the right to cancel/re-schedule classes due to low enrolments or any other reason that may impact the operation of the Swim School.

  8. The class maximum may be exceeded if required and different levels may be combined if required.

General pool rules

  1. Please do not attend lessons if your child is suffering from any contagious disease including but not limited to flu, fever, head cold, infected runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, cold sores and open wounds.

  2. Vomiting, diarrhoea, symptoms of gastroenteritis, ringworm or head lice. All absences must be recorded in the Customer Portal (as stated above)

  3. Only parents and students participating in the lesson are allowed in the pool area during the lesson time.

4. All children must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian at all times.

5. No diving or jumping into the pool unless directed by the instructor.

6. No running is allowed in the pool area

7. AquaBuddies Swim School reserves the right to ask students that are misbehaving or not adhering to instructions to sit on the side of the pool until they are prepared to co-operate.

8. At the start of each swimming lesson it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to put the student in the instructors care, and to collect them promptly at the conclusion of each swim lesson.

  1. Children under school age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to the change rooms.

  2. Please ensure that you keep the shower and change room facilities tidy by placing all rubbish in the bins provided.

  3. No eating and drinking is allowed in the pool area – bottles are not permitted in the pool area.

  4. At Wairoa School pool, all children that are enter the water must be toilet trained.

  5. Students, family and siblings are not permitted to use the Wairoa School playground or equipment. This includes the trampoline.

  6. Dogs are not permitted on Wairoa School grounds.

  1. Children misbehaving or not adhering to instructions will be asked to sit on the side of the pool until they are prepared to co-operate.

  2. At the start of each lesson an adult is responsible for putting the child in the instructors care and collecting them at the conclusion of each lesson.


  1. Parking is available in the school’s carpark on Sundays and during our school holiday intensive period. At all other times there is on street parking available. The school’s car park is located at the top of the school – entrance on Hastings parade. When parking in the carpark please be mindful not to park other cars in and please do not leave your car there for longer than the length of your lesson. On Sundays the car park will be locked up at 1pm sharp and will not be re-opened until Monday morning.



  1. Swimming attire

  2. Swimming caps are compulsory for all children over 3years of age.

  3. We teach with and without goggles, however children from 3years and above are required to have goggles for their lesson.

  4. Goggles are not available to borrow or share, however they are available to purchase at the pool.


  1. AquaBuddies does not teach children with back bubbles or floatation vests. Please ensure that your child’s swimwear does not contain any floatation aid.




  1. COVID Safety Policy

    1. We must minimise the number of people on the school grounds, therefore only 1 parent/guardian is permitted on the school grounds per family.

There may be some exceptions due to family circumstances.


  1. Physical distance - Please remain 1.5m apart at all times, whether inside the pool area or in the playground.


  1. Swim & Go Policy - Please limit your time in the playground by arriving no more than 10mins prior and do not remain in the playground after your lesson. Children are at no stage allowed on the equipment in the playground. Please supervise your children in the playground at all times.

  2. Sign in procedure – The parent/guardian of each child must register upon arriving at the pool. We understand that the same person doesn’t always visit the pool with your child and therefore we must have a record of every day attendance.
    To scan the code please use the camera on your phone.
    If this is not possible for any reason please as a second measure SMS 0411278724 with the following – 'Please Register (enter full name), time and phone number'



  1. Change over times

    Please do not enter the pool are before your child’s lesson time, with the exception of needing to use the bathroom. Please have children ready to swim, wearing swimmers, cap and goggles + towel/robe if they are cold.

    When the class prior has exited the water we will call children into the pool area and usher them to their class. Parents are to remain outside until the families from the lesson prior have exited the indoor area.


If there is space available, parents with younger children will be given priority to enter .




In the pool: Medical experts have stated that chlorine is a very effective anti-viral agent, and as such proper operation, maintenance and disinfection (e.g. with chlorine – as per Australian requirements) of pools should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.  

Bathroom and communal areas: Please limit the use of the communal areas such as change rooms in the interim.  We encourage customers to shower in their own home.

Impact on Swim School and Operations As we operate from the Wairoa Public School from the department of Education we are closely guided by their directives regarding operations.  If we are required to close at short notice this will be communicated to parents through SMS and email. Please ensure your contact details are up to date via our Customer Portal

Health and Hygiene All of our swim school team are receiving ongoing briefings and instructions on enhanced hygiene and safety protocols. Staff are being asked to be diligent in their own personal hygiene, using soap and water to wash hands thoroughly, and hand sanitizer where available. Staff have been informed to seek medical advice and self-isolate if they are showing the symptoms of Coronavirus or have been in contact with someone who has, or is suspected of having, Coronavirus.

AquaBuddies Swim School will continue to implement the following procedures to further mitigate the risk of this virus being spread to members of the Community.

  • If you or a member of your household have recently returned from overseas,  we ask that you do not send your children to the Swim School until you have a medical certificate from your GP or they have been back in Australia for at least 14 days with no symptoms of the virus.

  • If you have had contact within the last 14 days with someone from any of these areas or with someone who exhibits symptoms of the virus, we also ask that you do not send your children to the Swim School until you have a medical clearance certificate from your GP or 14 days have elapsed.

  • This is, of course, unless they have any of the flu-like symptoms associated with Coronovirus, in which case, as with other viruses, you
    should visit your GP and keep your child at home until the symptoms have cleared.

  • If you have not been in known contact with any of the above, you should feel confident to send your child to the Swim School.

The effective implementation of these procedures will require the support of all members of our Community, as it is beyond the capacity of any Swim School to be able to police every instance.

Please be alert (whether as parents, staff or students) to any presenting symptoms related to a fever or respiratory difficulties. These include a cough, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, a sore throat, or a runny nose. Please visit your GP if you, or your child, presents with these symptoms.